Allow me to dive straight away into the manoosha: It’s only about 1 main skill that feeds the 5 other elements which we can utilize without any restrictions and at any given time.

Number 1 skill that you should possess: Copywriting! Your writing defines the outcome of your online venture…PERIOD!

Develop and feed your copywriting skill by consuming the right books, listening to podcasts and studying scripts. 

Allow me to share what kind of content I daily consume over the past decades. My top 3 favorites: Philosophy, psychology and Hollywood movie scripts. Copywriting is a never-ending learning curve, you simply decide one day to start and the learning curve ends; when you end…

Next, you need vehicles to use your copywriting skill with and NOT for another “job” called: Freelancer…I will explain about the “vehicles” which you can control. Vehicles that are evergreen, UNCAPPED and owned by you! Why in heaven’s sake would you set yourself up for another job opportunity, right?

I am using the following 5 vehicles to bring my value to the market and convert a percentage of those people into clients and loyal fans.

And yes, you need to make sales in order to eat and keep a roof above your head, unless you can live from thin air.  So, what are the 5 vehicles? Email marketing, content distribution, lead- and sales funnels AND social media engagement. 

How does each element connect? Email outreach to find new and nurture existing leads, content distribution to build trust, lead generation funnels to present your value to the market, sales funnels to monetize your value and social engagement to “proof” its value…


The level of your human insights combined with copywriting defines the outcome of your online venture. 

But hey, don’t take my word for it, I’m just an idiot who does this for living, travels all around and has only a single suitcase….and laptop with charger 🙂

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