💥 Within a few months I will release the DOTCOMBARON SAAS on the market which will cause some serious head-turners in many industries…and kick some “marketing companies” against the knees

🤣 Why?

Great question, let me answer that question with a few questions:

What would you do if I gave you 100k leads? Would you send them one by one a message (would they even reach the inbox)? And what if it would give you the setup to reach 100k people per month but didn’t give you the 100k leads?

Would you grab one by one a few thousand leads sit back and relax and wait till the Brinks trucks stop in front of your home to drop those money bags?

What if I gave you the setup AND the leads would you be able to write the copy for the message 5-day follow-up sequence that actually tickles the receiver that much to actually visit your stuff?

And is your landing page or bait enticing enough that your visitors get nurtured in a proper way without pushing people services and products through their throats until they choke in it…

💥 Well, those are the problems that 99% of the businesses on this planet run into…

👉 They don’t want to devote more than a decade of daily studying psychology and philosophy to get a deeper understanding of human behavior in order to write enticing copy.

They don’t want to test and tweak a “maybe system to reach people” for a few years…

💥 No man, they like to get access to outreach setups that work without hiring some people in a basement to make it work, they want 99.99% of their emails guaranteed getting inboxed and use proven-to-work email sequences that actually want to receive AND read…

🙏 And now that I talk about businesses, what about you?

What would you do if you had that kind of power? Would you misuse it? Would you take your time to decide the path you really want to take WITHOUT being limited by Facebook ad costs or limited by your ad creation skills?

Control is the word here, control… [to be continued, SOON]

Dahlan “Dotcom” Baron



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