In my past 30 years of sales I had next to successes many failures, many failures which some could label as the down periods…understand that the situations I have worked myself into are far from “normality”…

WARNING! Things that you will read on Dotcombaron are my experiences and how I solved problems and created opportunities and are NOT the typical solutions or experiences that most people would run into…

This blog is for educational and motivational purposes only and not a consultancy

In this blog post I am going to share what you should protect in your down time…and some of the main benefits that will be revealed to you…

…because believe me, losing your home comes with some sort of mind-f#uck…and you’re a target to the wolves and attract “weak” sheeple…

All stories shared on DotcomBaron are from my own real life experience and are written from some place around the world which is at this moment: Malta

Come on let’s get to the point, Dahlan, …yes ok…

Well, when it all went bananas you will reveal a few very valuable assets of your life:

  1. The people who really care
  2. You might discover how resistant you actually are
  3. And you will get a few steps closer to the person who you are meant to become…

The People Who Care…Really Care

Let’s dive for a second in point 1 without turning this post into a depressive one because going down is one of the most important and beautiful events that might happen to you once or twice or in my case, a few times 🙂

About revealing the people who really care, the people who really care besides your family (if you got one) will be revealed and all the ones that were around you when hit the jackpots and licked your @ss for tipping in that honey jar will be exposed…

The down times are just like dead a necessary thing to undo you from the elements that actually clutter your path of purpose, yes it might sting a bit but believe me after a while you will be feeling great about it…

100 times much greater than you did ever before…becoming high on life…dotcombaron

That “friend” who always forgot his wallet, or that “friend” who always stood next to you when you organized another party…You always knew that they held you back.

…and now you got those ties cut…finally.

Physical Resistance

If you never went homeless or broke take bigger risks…

and if you’re blessed enough to experience down period you will not only define yourself with a much clearer perspective but you will also discover how resilient your body actually is.

PLUS your value to other human beings increases exponentially, you’ll see and you will notice. Life is about energy and the frequency of your vibrations you send out in this world speak louder than words.

And as beautiful quoted in one of OG Mandino’s books:”This too shall pass…”

Yes, ladies and gentle genties, your body can handle much more than waking up daily on that soft big bed with those goose feather pillows, or cooking a nice dinner on that electric ceramic plate, or peeing on that warm toilet…

Your body can handle a lot of stress, like:

  1. Incredible long walks to the supermarket or to that next meeting that might save you from that temporary cash flow issue or hours of walks between places to sleep
  2. Or a few days skipping of meals because you chose to invest in that app or tool that could automate your outreaches (wink wink, click here – you going to love this)
  3. Oh and by the way, for some who don’t know me that well, YET, I never stopped training, I mostly do calisthenics and runs, even when I was hungry – being hungry does something with your body (I’m not a dietitian so don’t try this if not necessary)

So from my experience of being pretty hungry, it got my body pretty much cleansed and replaced it with all new cells, and you know what, the experience of eating something became whole different experience…

Let me explain, I went from eating from something that should be tasty no matter the nutrients to what-are-the-benefits of eating this, does it fuel me, does it keep my brain clear and my body going.

I started listening incredibly closely to what my body needs, a bit more protein, a bit more carbs, a bit more fruits…and 4 times a year things like chocolate.

Nope, I never had a sweat tooth…

Mental Resistance

I pretty much had always the no-limit mind set, the f#ck it let’s go for it attitude which revealed itself on a very young age, well at now today at 42 I reached that point that I can say honestly:

“I am insanely obsessed with growth, development and providing value no matter the odds, no matter the adversity, no matter the circumstances, I will prevail and reach my purpose…”

What To Be Aware Of When You’re Down?

There are a few things I learned from my own experience:

Don’t start chasing the money:

Oeh yeah, when I started shifting my focus to money chasing I started to attract people who are money-focused-only.

Why is that a bad thing?

Great question, simple answer: People who chase money-only are not going very well along with the development of new business projects – they are money focused and usually in it for the short term and the moment that you need to adapt or to change a bit direction they will ban you and abort the ship which will leave you a bit worse than you already were.

So instead of focusing on the money and searching for new ventures (unless you building on a industry changing one – wink wink) than you should isolate yourself and do these things:

  1. Reminisce for a single second on where did it go wrong – acknowledge and shovel it under the carpet
  2. Accumulate the why-it-worked-out factors of past successes and level them up with your current knowledge
  3. Use past experiences and the knowledge acquired from it and use that to increase the value of interactions with other human beings – whether you’re starving or not bring value to the tablet gets your belly filled.

As I stated in the beginning my situations are a bit out of the because I am willing to sacrifice myself to fulfill my purpose up to levels beyond belief BUT take this from me – most people got more than they do realize:

Let me hit you with a few:

  1. You got family? – One step ahead of me
  2. You know who your parents are and who you look a like – Two step ahead of me
  3. You driving your car with a bit of cashflow problems – Three steps ahead of me
  4. You know where you sleep tonight? – Four steps ahead of me

I could go on and on but 95% of the people who read this post got way more stronger positions than I had when I needed to start all over…and if you belong to that 5%, hit me up we should discuss JV’s…

(always looking for that small percentage that’s obsessed 🙂 )

BOLD STATEMENT: Keep the knuckleheads out of your life before they start biting you in the ass with their actions and toxic mindset.

They will leech you for your knowledge, your ideas and most importantly drain your energy and your time.

And yes I know, you probably want to share because your level of empathy is above average but be careful with that characteristic – tune it down for a while until you can can afford to “lose” a few seconds on a tire-kicker…

So how to prevent?

Let me share a few pointers here how I am filtering the knuckleheads from the obsessed one.

First off, and this is a reality check: Obsessed ones are rare and mostly spread all over the planet – get that first inside that brain of yours…

Ok, here we go my top 5 filter list:

  1. People who are late from the freaking beginning – 10 minutes late without notice – you’re out
  2. People who see your message but respond a few days later – you’re out
  3. People who come up with excuses in order not to take action on the tasks you agreed upon – you’re out
  4. People who come up with excuses for not training – you’re out
  5. Look with who they surround themselves with and how they treat others…

You have to be hard here because when people can’t do the simple things they won’t be able to take care of serious issues – you need to protect your future-self by stepping perhaps on your own heart and crush it – distance yourself from those how love to slack…

No remorse for the slacking because they will drag you down and leave you with the mess and believe me cleaning up someone else’s mess in your down time slows you down…

Another thing you should be aware of when you’re down:

One other mayor take-away: patience!

Oeh, that’s a big one, at least that was a huge one for me, I wanted it to end the down times as fast as possible but this will bite you in the bottom as well.

In what kind of circumstances you learned this Dahlan?

Great question, here’s the answer:

“At 30 I ended up broke and without a home, me and my ex went to Bulgaria to survive and at that time my adoption father was reaching the end of his life – I never made it before that…”

Learn to be patient and don’t start chasing money actually go hand in hand but how to demand patience of yourself or how did I do it?

I started doing several things especially on moments of impatience and despair:

  1. I download 10 minute guided meditation sessions.
  2. I create a feel good file – A file with all the great things that I had at those moments: My health, my attitude, my working legs, that book were you invested your last dollar in…:)
  3. I created life designs files – ask me about the templates if you want to know
  4. And of course my daily trainings kept me sane. – I will start sharing my schedules as well…

Over time these files are incredibly shaped up and still stand by me every time I need some sort of support…


The down times are uncomfortable but as an “entrepreneur” you NEED to face down times in order to shape your character and prepare you for the future that you’re creating for yourself and the people…

And by the way, for the butterflies who read this, I am not talking about the battery of your phone dying on you while talking with that hottie or hunky hunk, or your car running out of gas or that time you were in a foreign country a bit lost in a city…or your feet are hurting at 12 years old knocking on doors making selling your own service…

That big juicy purpose that you are fulfilling…that that that, well you know best your own WHY and if not then you might need some serious down time to get your WHY in place…

I could go on and on about all kind of elements that will occur in the “down” time process but I’ll leave you with this:

‘If you are in the S\”ERIOUS” down time and need some advice, or needs the system in place that can be used from your mobile to get you sales?

Hit me up on WhatsApp…+356 9934 0223

P.S.: I recorded over a 1500 vlogs which I will edit the coming months and start drip feeding on my channels…

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