This is probably one of the shortest posts I ever wrote about how you can make some money on the side to grow your cash flow, a bit or even exponentially.

WARNING: Like with all successful ventures you need to be willing to put in the work.

How to Buy Expired Domains:

In case you don’t know what expired domains are: Expired domains are simply domains that previous owners simply forgot to extend or didn’t want to.

There are multiple ways to find expired domains and I am just going to mention 2 ways:

  1. You simply Google:”Find expired domains”
  2. You just go this section on DOTCOMBARON, subscribe and get free lists of expired domains. >>> CLICKHERE<<<

Allow me to explain the difference of those two options:

Option number one is easily accessible by a humongous amount of people, you probably do understand that the majority of the people are going for the most easy way…

Well, that’s good for you and me, and you might ask yourself now:”Why is that good?”

Let me enlighten you here, I am running processes 24/7 and 365 days a year collecting expired domains and now it comes: I am sharing weekly expired domain list in this section of Dotcombaron which is waaaaay less public…

So, instead thousands of people “preying” on the same lists you can have access to expired domain lists with way less “competition”…

I don’t think that needs a lot more explanation, right?

Everyone with a common sense can understand that option number 2 can be way more profitable…anyways…

Once more the link: >>> CLICKHERE<<<

Want To See The Expired Domain Collection in Action?

Watch one of my TikTok videos: Just click the image to open the video…

Where To Register Your Domains?

I am using Namecheap for all my domains (and even hosting)…

Why Namecheap? Great question and a simple answer – because renewal costs are lower than anywhere else and the costumer support is reliable.

Once in while a knucklehead, it’s true, but overall very good…

How To Select Quality Domains?

I am judging domain names from a perspective of “What can or what would i do with this domain? Where is the value for my buyer? Can he or she build a ecommerce store? Use it for local branding?

I am not saying that my way is the best and only way but I do it like this in chronological order:

  1. Does the domain name sound logical when I say it up load? Example: over – I could go on and on but I won’t 🙂
  2. Then I go this site: – You can check the age and if the site has a relevant content history. For example: with a camgirl history – and yes that happens.
  3. After that I am using a tool named: DomDetailer – This tool will shows you the amount of backlinks and the ratio – but I won’t go to deep in the techy part here – remember my “promise” in the beginning to keep this post as short as possible..(yeah, right) Click here to check it all out: DomDetailer
  4. And the last tool I use is Semrush, with this tool you can check where the backlinks are located – on which sites. By the way if you’re not going for buying volumes you could get a 14 day trial or buy it for a fraction of the 299$ normal price.

Want more information?

Dotcombaron whatsapp groupp

And DM admin, me 🙂

How To Sell My Domains?

At this point of my life the expired domains doesn’t have my priority but at least once a week I do go through some of the lists looking for those gems.

And yes, every list does have great gems and I am doing it more or less to relax and to “monetize” my relaxing…:)

Anyhow, I will share a couple of options below but also how I sell them personally to my network which you simply need to build over time but that’s a different topic.

DISCLAIMER: My ways are definitely not the only ways so do your own research and test multiple options that will fit you best.

Ok, so here we go:

  1. Domain selling and buying market places like: and – I got a few domains listed on – just click here and you can check them out
  2. Join the tons of available domain groups on social media networks like: and
  3. Build your own audiences on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook groups, etc

What To Do Now?

  1. Go to free DOTCOMBARON section – yes you need to signup, feel free to send me a DM on WhatsApp with th email and username you signed up with.
  2. Wait for the weekly domain list drop – keep in mind there are other people who have access as well, so don’t snooze or you simply loose/miss out
  3. Pick domains
  4. List them for free on SEDO
  5. Join groups, create groups, start selling low to build a reputation – by the way, when you join groups make sure you don’t use your favorite beer place as a cover and your granny as your profile pic…

Some other info resources:


Soon available: Domaination – VIPdomain lists


I am buying myself a few domains a week because I got much bigger projects going on so my focus is not on domain flipping – the skeptics do always have the intent to give any opportunity some sort of negative load. I am simply giving these lists away because it helps people, nothing more and definitely nothing less.

And obviously you can spend hours on Netflix or scrolling mindless and endless on social media but the majority of people don’t make a single nickle with that…

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