How To Get Your Welcome Email Right and How To Get Your Free Welcome Email Template

STATEMENT: Thinking that you have to write endless long email sequences from the start you might end up in the “procrastination section” next to the “never get started alley”…

So let me help you out, you need 3 things to get started BUT before I start preaching let me show you that I am actually practicing what I preach:

Me as a business growth strategist creates daily customized strategies and structures to grow businesses (and our own projects).

My main “superpower” is writing and optimizing the first “touch base”- and follow-up message copies based upon Hollywood movie scripts, psychology and philosophy…

Below you can see the results of a recent cold outreach campaign after 18 hours of the first email drop – Notice the word:”cold outreach”.

Why would I like you to notice that? Because it’s way more difficult to get emails inboxed, opened AND get clicks.

And as you can see in the screenshot, I received a lot of clicks, so perhaps now you also understand why I call it “superpower”, right? 

It’s simply traffic on demand for only a few hours of work…(once you get the hang of it)

So, to get back what you actually need to get started

  1. Optin page or optin form 
  2. Some sort of bait/lead magnet
  3. Welcome email

And point number 4: Sign up for my newsletter because you will get tons of value – pretty much all you need info to get started with email marketing the right way

In my newsletter you will receive tons of information the optin page, lead magnets and much more…

Anyway, let’s get to the part where the majority of peoplesimply don’t put effort into, AT ALL!

The Welcome Email, tadaaa…:)

One of the most important factors that you need to consider when it comes to building a strong relationship with your subscribers is a good welcome email. 

You can create a great welcome email by following the guidelines at the end of this post or signup and get access to the “welcome email” template where you only need to fill in the blanks…

My gift to you for signing up and getting email marketing savvy – without over-complicating – you will have access granted to that one in my “welcome email” 🙂

If you’re really, really new to email marketing; A welcome email will be automatically sent to your subscribers after they sign up for your newsletter.

Having a great welcome email will help you build a stronger relationship with your subscribers and having the opportunity to turn them into paying clients along the way by nurturing emails…

BUT let’s not run ahead, I am sorry, I tend to do that…

What Kind of Tools to Use?

You can create a welcome email using an online service such as GetResponse. <= Yes it’s an affiliate link and using this link won’t cost you a single nickel more or less…

This platform allows businesses to automate their email marketing.

This will allow you to get started with your email marketing campaign smoothly and without limitations of the “free” email responder services…

Allow me to give you my 5 cents on this one, and I tried tons of email responders, GetResponse is in my personal opinion simply the best one…

The people who do this are the people who will be handling your email marketing campaign. You, your content writer, and your digital marketing agency will be handling the rest.

So get your 30-day trial here and create an account with GetResponse now…

Let’s Get Back To The Welcome Email Topic

Ok, now you know which tool to use, let’s finish this post with the welcome email guidelines…yes, you did  a great job reading all the way up to here…

There is no exact 100% solid one way welcome email recipe for creating a great welcome email, instead, you need to consider various factors to create a compelling and effective email.

Some of the factors that you need to consider include the type of business that you own, products, services and the audience that you want to reach. 

Aside from these basic factors, there are guidelines that can help make your welcome email even more effective…

A few welcome email guidelines that will help you create an effective welcome email:

  • A welcome email must be delivered instantly because at the time of sign-up the interest of the subscriber is at its peak
  • Choose a subject line that’s clear and engaging
  • Use a respectful greeting – yes it goes a long way to act like a respectful human
  • Give your subscribers a gift: Your bait/lead magnet 
  • Add some bonus gifts if they start following you on social media
  • Add more bonuses for referrals 
  • Explain how your subscribers will benefit from being on your list and how often you will send them.
  • Your welcome email should also contain information about yourself, which will help build credibility with your potential customers.
  • A call to action should also be included in the welcome email. This can be a call to action that asks your subscribers to check your blog for the most popular articles or to whitelist your email.
  • Your signature should also be included in the email. In case you got a “terrible” name: You might consider using something that’s a bit easier to remember. 
  • Although this is optional, it will help boost your credibility – having a photo of yourself will also help your potential customers identify you as a credible individual.
  • Try to figure out what they want by using surveys
  • Make sure the “unsubscribe” link or button is on the bottom

Don’t want to waste time implementing all these guidelines?

What about a template for your welcome email? Would you like that? Just filling in the blanks and you’re ready to kickstart your email list… 

And receive a boatload of email marketing tips, tons of template giveaways, nurture checklists, etc

WARNING: By signing up you running into the risk of saving tons of time – and grow your business 🙂 )

DISCLAIMER: Without putting in the work you won’t get anywhere which pretty counts for everything in life, right? 

P.S.: Don’t forget to get your 30 day free trial at Getresponse

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