Monetize The Short Attention Span of Your Website Visitors with Conversion Focused Chatbots

How to benefit from the short attention span of your website visitors AND reduce your bounce rates…

Allow me to start this post with the announcement that you will be able to add YOUR lead collection chatbot TODAY to your business…

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Let’s Kickstart This Post with A Bold Statement:

It’s a public known secret that the majority of your website visitors simply don’t convert because of the lack of engagement.

But don’t worry you’re not the only one and it’s definitely not your fault, you’re simply misinformed by your marketing agency or random available online info…Yep

We as business growth strategists provide people with short term wins to liquidate any “costs’ invested in us or in this particular case we give chatbot sequences away for FREE!

100% to use as you see fit…

First of all, attention goes where energy flows but even more to cash and business assets that grow…:)

(especially short-term wins that stick to your business as glue)

Why Do We Even Talk About this?

Because it virtually “hurts” me when I visit websites that actually got ripped off by just another agency “hunting” down fees instead of growing the business of their clients…

The problem I in my humble personal experience and opinion:

Most agency employees never ran any brick-and-mortar type of businesses, so how could you expect them to get emotionally involved or even understand how to approach your clients as “humans”?

Because online or offline, in the end you’re dealing with REAL human beings – which most “marketers” simply tend to forget…

Anyway, before I reveal how to solve all of this I would like to mention a few of the industries that this solution, chatbots, work for…

Just to mention a few:

  • Restaurants
  • Ecommerce
  • Coffee Shops
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Beauty salons
  • Chiropractors
  • Real estate
  • Fitness
  • Dry cleaning

…Pretty much any kind of business that works with clients…:)

What’s THE Solution? Conversion Focused Chatbots

YOu might have heard or high-likely even engaged with so-called chatbots, right?

Most of the chatbots are designed just to keep a visitor entertained, our chatbots are conversion focused…

Allow me to explain all the ins and outs about the mechanics and the psychology behind chatbots… 

Simply use my explanation chatbot and it will tell you all about it…

(don’t worry, no techy talk)

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Why Would You Even Bother?

Well, if you would like to automate some of your time and resource consuming business activities you definitely should bother to read on…

Just to mention a few of those activities that can be executed by chatbots WITHOUT you doing anything more then you’re already doing now:

  • 24/7 sales rep.
  • Booking calls 24/7.
  • Increase purchases.
  • Increase the value of people who abandon their cart/purchase.
  • Subscription renewals, handle refunds, request feedback.


  • Build email lists
  • Build messenger lists
  • Increase the lifetime value of your clients without spending any money on marketing

I could go on and on but then this piece of content would turn into an encyclopedia and we don’t want to “waste” your time on providing irrelevant information, right?

You might wonder why and how it all could work for your business and perhaps you even think it would cost you half of your rib cage, right?

Well, on the contrary: I would like to refer you once more to my chatbot explaining to you all the ins and outs and providing you with some FREE sequences…

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Examples of chatbots:

Enough with the “talking”, right? 

Click the links below and see how these chatbots can serve your business…

>>> Dentist Chatbot – Client intake <<<

>>> Personal Trainer Chatbot – Client Intake <<<

If you want to see way more examples just visit my other website, just click here to go straight to the right page:

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And I am sure you definitely you want to add one TODAY to your website and as I mentioned at the beginning of this post…


What To Do Now?

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