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    2 months, 1 week ago

    As a cold email expert I always go through the spam folder and most of the times I respond to those email out of curiosity and with the big question:”Why?”

    Let’s dissect the screenshot of this email:

    1) Doesn’t get inboxed
    2) Name and email doesn’t line up
    3) A ridiculous sending email address – come on man, at least use an expired domain
    4) No unsubscribe option
    5) No email signature
    6) And I won’t get started about the email copy and the visual part of the copy

    So, besides the real “bad” intentions of this person, the email has also simply a horrendously bad overall copy…

    Digest, learn, digest, learn and repeat every single day…Like today I learned a thing or two about the hotel towel’s protocol from the cleaning lady…

    Treat everyone like a president…

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